The Pantheon

The pantheon of divinity in Adannasisk is quite central to the world. Each city-state possesses at least one, and usually several, patron deities. Non-divine practitioners frequently have a few major deities they pay service to. Minor deities, servants of their major patrons, may have cults or small churches. People may worship one, many, or no minor deities at all. Divine servants of deities worship one deity, and may pay service to minor deities in the retinue of their major deity.

Major Deities

This pantheon includes the Seven Children of the Light Father, their descendants, and the racial pantheon. Major deities are worshipped widely by many people (with racial deities being the exception). They grant spells and possess a host of domains befitting their portfolio.

Minor Deities

This pantheon includes all those deities who did not possess two divine parents. Weaker than the Seven Children and the Children of the Seven, their most powerful may be on par with the Seeds of Solegg. They are created by a single deity, and serve their patron deity. Minor deities may be worshipped, but are weaker than the major deities. A minor deity may or may not grant spells, and offers at most, one domain. Their portfolio is narrowly defined, and usually have few adherents.

Origin Mythos

The Origin Mythos is here. Amazing.

The Pantheon

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