High Velsing

Formal: High Velsing

Patrons: Tyrios, Dervis, Hohfurn, Kolg

Rulership: Hereditary Monarchy- High King


Only Rasadh can claim to be an older city than High Velsing, but High Velsing functioned as a distinct and forceful political entity much earlier. Where Rasadh functioned as a go-between between the Farzil Dwarves and people of the Telgyr Plains, High Velsing had already begun to exert influence on the surrounding island. A loose coalition of devoted followers of Tyrios, the elves set out to tame the entirety of their island domain. If it had other names before High Velsing, they have disappeared to history, for upon subjugating it, the elves named it after their holiest city. The Island of High Velsing was once an untamed, tropical landscape, full of all manner of hostile beings.



High Priest King Galodel

High Priestess Lyriel

Lord Commander Rothogas

Notable Factions

High Velsing

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