Formal: The Forest Complex of Rasadh

Patrons: Solegg, Tyrios, Kolg, Boromm

Rulership: Druidic Circle


Rasadh is the oldest of the city states, tracing its origins back to a time long before The Magical Contraction and even before the true rise of city-states. Enabling trade across the Hrastig Bay, the elven sailors of Rasadh moved goods from the Farzil Dwarves to nomadic tribes on the the Telgyr Plains. The natural harbor at Rasadh was useful for its ease of access. It was near to the Telgyr Plains, but far enough from the Sere to support agriculture. The Brezhirn Forest provided lumber for ship repair, and a place to hide from any attack. Rasadh then, was made to enable two great peoples to either side. However, it outlasted them both.

When the Telgyr people were decimated by plague, Rasadh closed its gates tight and denied them entry. At that very same time, a band of orcs, the Uglush, overran the dwarves of Farzil. Rasadh, in the span of a few short years, was left bereft of the partners that made it wealthy. Turning their fleets toward expansion of trade, they went north and eastward, trading with the then fledgling Dhalish people. To the south and east, they encountered the remnants of the Telgyr people, those tribesmen who had distanced themselves from the plague. Unlike the nomadic lifestyle the tribes practiced before, they slowly were settling down, forming what would later be Alohm and Hassel. Through their nurturing, Alohm and Hassel slowly grew. Finally, as their trading vessels streamed south and westward, they encountered their first obstacle of a level similar to their own.

The elven confederation of High Velsing had just completed their swift subjugation of their island nation, and had turned their eyes toward the archipelago of the Tagras Isles. Initially, the elven naval parties from High Velsing were amenable to Rasadh, seeing Rasadh as a potential ally, as both were predominantly elven. Upon extended contact, and learning of Rasadh’s mercantile intentions, relations steadily soured. High Velsing formally declared war and began to capture trading cogs from Rasadh. Initially, Rasadh was driven from the entirety of the Tagras, and back from the Presgard Sea. Turning from brute force engagements, Rasadh shifted to its strength, naval primacy. Instead of facing High Velsing head on, Rasadh confronted them indirectly, waging hit-and-run strikes, night attacks, piracy of supply lines, and generally making themselves wholly a nuisance. In doing so, they discovered that some of their prisoners hated High Velsing as much as they did.

Gnomes who had dwelt on the northern end of the island had been forcibly annexed as a “peacekeeping measure” and chafed against the elfin-centric policies of High Velsing. Savage kobolds, who had always dwelt on High Velsing, before the elves even “arrived” claimed that they had been reduced to little more than slaves, laborers who had no hope for advancement. The gnomes desired to continue on against High Velsing, while the kobolds expressed fatigue toward violence and hardship. To this end, officials of Rasadh assisted in setting up a gnomish settlement on the remote end of Corfyrm. The gnomes called this city Meridon, and set out to make their own home. The kobolds were instead taken quite far away, to the archipelago of the Iksos and the isle of Maephigan.


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