The cosmology of the planes in regard to Adannasisk was a simple concept to mages and clerics. The Prime Material and its shades, the ethereal and shadow planes, consisted of those realms burned into existence by the Flames of Creation. Where the Seven Children trod, became the dividing line, the Firmament. outside of this line lies a world of conflicting ideologies, elements, and energies, swirling and contesting. Even the underlying astral sea, which flowed across all things, could not penetrate the Firmament. Only certain summoning magic, targeted as a briefest gateway through the Firmament, would allow things through. And the ghosts, the shells of things admitted, were far removed from being truly present. When the magic elapsed, or the ghost was bested, they vanished back into the maelstrom that spawned them.

The first true break in the Firmament resulted in what would be called the Mortal Blood War. When mages of Alohm bored through the Firmament into a region dominated by the Baatezu. A similar bore by the mages of Meridon granted a pathway to the Tanar’ri. Legend holds that the Farzil Dwarves did not break the Firmament, but mined so deeply that they weakened it. The ensuing fiery cataclysm collapsed their civilization and sent the few survivors fleeing from the Ugrush Orcs. Experiments similar to those of Alohm and Meridon are rumored to have occurred in High Velsing and Edarros. If such bores have been drilled, they are neater, cleaner, and more discrete than the earlier models, and unobtrusive to mages.

For magic in the world, spells that summon generally must reach across the Firmament, a task made much easier after the first bores. Spells that utilize planar travel (outside of those that use only the planes of shadow or the ethereal) must travel through a bore. This is a harrowing endeavor, as it brings them into contact with an onrushing flow of Baatezu or Tanar’ri. Planar travel is not an organized endeavor. A destination that once led to a lawfully-aligned domain may have shifted to a chaotic domain, or a domain of fire, or any number of other types. Therefore, any sort of planar travel requires not only a component of travel through a bore, but also similar high powered magic to divine where the target itself is. Depending on distance from a bore and the domains traveled through, such travel may not even be possible at that time. Similarly, summoning magic may not be able to be completed, depending on the being summoned. Even the Tanar’ri and Baatezu may be difficult, as the bore to reach them constantly expands, contracts, and bends to follow the original destination.

Deities then, are secretive beings residing not in the distant domains, but on the material plane, within the Firmament. They remain remote however, with the largest reminder being Ornn, far above Adannasisk. Normal grand accompaniments to the divine, such as planar abodes and avatars are not present, as those are indicative of a rigid cosmology. Instead, the deities act through agents created of their own power. These are demigods, acting, generally, at the behest of their masters.


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